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Success Stories

Here is just a small sample of patient testimonials below.                                                                                                  Come and see our over-sized binder filled with hundreds more like these in our main clinic lobby anytime!   Permission to post & publish all success stories below were granted by patients.


" I am a true believer in therapy!"

I had a pinched nerve in my arm & hand & had therapy in W. Virgina before coming to Florida. The arm problem created my hand problem of numbness & pain. There were so many things I couldn't do, knitting, computer things & more. My therapist is wonderful. She found the exact place where the problem was & the right therapy. I am now at 90% and have exercises & information for things to do at home. She was so caring & kind in helping me the two months I went for therapy. I am a true believer in therapy! The positive attitude of everyone was wonderful. The well trained therapists who carry out the prescription from the doctor know their work. I especially appreciated never having to wait for an appointment and the happy, wonderful staff that always greeted me. If problems return I would definitely come back.

Nancy Bailey

" recommended by a neighbor"

I took a football into my ring finger that severely jammed/sprained/fractured it. My customary self help did not work. My doctor said time would heal it, and my Company medic put it in a splint but my finger would swell & was stiff. Jennifer was recommended by a neighbor. Her treatments, heat, and exercises got me most of the way to normal, allowing me to write and grip again. Without her and The Hand Rehab staff, I could not write this and their personalities were tremendous! Thanks.

Stewart Hurst

"I am very happy & relieved to not need surgery"

When I found out that I had developed carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, I thought surgery was the only thing available. I had heard a lot of bad stories about surgery and didn't want that.

Now after successful hand therapy, I am very happy & relieved to not need surgery. I wish more people knew about their options, then maybe they would go to the doctor before it developed into a " surgery only" thing.

Thank you for opening a center in Sebring and for only hiring nice and cheerful people to staff your office.

Lisa Greenleaf

" I could see improvements almost daily"

I started therapy with very little movement in my shoulder and arm. After starting therapy I could see improvements almost daily. Within a few weeks I was able to do most everything within reason. If I had not had therapy I would have been afraid to try anything.

I have talked to two people who each knew someone who had the same surgery. They talked about the pain and the the long recovery. I had almost no pain and very quick recovery in my estimation.

I know the quality of my therapy made a big difference and everyone was always so friendly, it was more like visiting friends than having therapy. I am 12 weeks post surgery and started swimming this week using an overhead stroke. It feels so good to have my life back to normal.

Thank you all again for your help.

Joan Tederous

" Thank you for your wonderful care and treatment"

I was having considerable discomfort after having surgery for carpal tunnel. I was a bit discouraged and really felt I would never again get the strength back I previously had.

After several therapy sessions with Jen and her very capable staff, I am happy to say my hand is almost back to 100%. I still do my strengthening exercises at home.

Thank you for your wonderful care and treatment. It has made a tremendous difference. God bless you all!

Maureen Castine

" I was most impressed!"

I am very glad to have the opportunity to express my great satisfaction in my hand therapy at the Hand Rehabilitation Center of Florida. I have had considerable therapy on my hand due to the results of two operations. The hand was badly scarred and caused me much pain. Previous therapy in two different therapy centers (outside of Florida) did not give me the results that I received here, in only about six weeks! The Therapists were excellent, caring, and used many techniques I had not experienced before. I was most impressed! My grateful thanks to your wonderful staff. I found a very friendly group, including the office personnel, and would recommend your Rehab Center to anyone.

Carolyn Vance

" What a wonderful place!"

I had surgery for Carpal Tunnel and came to the Hand Rehab Center. What a wonderful place! I loved it! I was very comfortable and knew the staff was very knowledgeable about my needs. I learned a lot about how my hand and wrist works and the things that I can do at home to maintain the progress and not re-injure my hand. I can sit at my sewing machine with confidence that my hand would not do something unexpected. Another milestone was being able to put on and hook my own bra, which I could not do before.

The therapists are always so happy for the progress one makes and so supportive all the way with the the improvements.

If need be I would choose to return because I know that it will help and I will definitely have a fun time!

Beth Caracaus

" I have progressed better than I anticipated"

Thanks to my therapist and her professional approach to my therapy, after having my shoulder replaced for the second time. I have progressed better than I anticipated. Her kind and sensitive attitude with the sincere desire to help me back to near a normal life as possible. she pointed me in the right direction even when other therapists (not from THRC) were intent on forcing my arm through pain and much discomfort, I recalled my therapist advice and held firm, so consequently, I am well along to recovery.

Bruce Griffin

" my hand has exceeded the expectations of my doctors"

A colles fracture of my left wrist caused my hand, wrist & elbow to be almost useless. An exam by a neurologist indicated a severe radial nerve injury. The prognosis by several doctors was not very optimistic.

The positive attitude and keen sensitivity of your staff made my hours and hours of therapy actually enjoyable. Thanks to your program, the use of my elbow and wrist has returned to normal and my hand has exceeded the expectations of my doctors. One doctor continues to tell me he never expected that I would ever have use of my hand again. When therapy ended I had improved more than seventy five percent.

Your smiles, your good deeds of fitting me in, and your gentle ways have made an impact on my life. Without my therapists persistence, capable hands, and compassionate heart I am certain my recovery would have been significantly less.

Mary Dedricks

"All is well now. Thanks to all of you!"

I have already resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have shoulder surgery. When I came into your office, your attitude was positive and that gave me a better outlook on therapy. As my shoulder improved, so did my desire to work through the stretching to get maximum benefit. All worked well and the flexibility has increased in both my shoulders because I used the same stretching techniques on the other one. All is well now. Thanks to all of you!

Scott Schnelle

"This would not be possible without the help of all the people at THRCF"

I broke my wrist and required surgery to insert a plate & screws in December. I progressed from a soft cast to a splint after several weeks. I am an avid golfer so my doctor recommended moving my wrist from side to side while still in the splint. By mid January I was ready for therapy. I was measured and had very limited mobility & no strength. I initially had 5 therapy appointments in Michigan before I came to Florida for the rest of the Winter. The therapist in Michigan gave me a website to look for a Certified Hand Therapist in Sebring. I was able to find Jennifer though this website. I was challenged at every visit, and found that improvement happened steadily. My doctor thought that swinging a golf club would be good therapy. I went to the golf range and I was able to swing the club and connect with the ball. In addition to my bi-weekly visits to THRCF, I started working on my exercise regime. I had to start with 3lb. weights but slowly progressed to heavier weights and harder exercises including bar push ups. This would not have been possible without the help of all the people at The Hand Rehabilitation Center of Florida. It takes lots of discipline and hard work to overcome wrist injuries. Thankfully, I had many people at Therapy that encouraged me to work hard on all of the exercises to improve mobility and strength.

Janet McAlpine

"on a score of 1 thru 10, a number 10 with no doubt"

Had it not been for your place of business, and your wonderful staff, my right arm would be of no use to me. Your clinic is, in my point of view, on a score of 1 thru 10, a number 10 with no doubt.

If ever a problem should arise that therapy was needed; I truly would seek your help.

I want to thank each and every one of you, and truly wish you the very best in the future. God Bless Each and Every One of You.

Lawana Hancock

"I have full range of motion and it's wonderful!"

In November I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Three surgeries later and weeks of radiation I was left with limited use of my left arm and lymphedema. I was told I had a torn fascia and a permanently damaged nerve and there was no way to help it.

A nurse friend helped me find The Hand Rehabilitation Center of Florida. it was wonderful to find such a clean, professional atmosphere. People have gone out of their way to help me including assistance with insurance which I didn't think would cover it but it does.

After a couple of months of therapy and a wonderful help in explaining home exercises that I can do as well, I am back to living! I have bicycled for the first time again without pain and I have been golfing as much as I want to. I have full range of motion and it is wonderful!

The people are professional and friendly. They assured me that I'd get better and I felt confident that I would. They are wonderful trained professionals who care about patients first.

I would recommend Jennifer and her great team at THRCF to anyone. I hope that women who have experienced the problems I have will be able to find the same kind of successful care!

Carol Grimm

"THRCF provided me with a pain free neck & shoulder"

In defining "success" regarding any therapy treatment you can only relate to the degree of pain that the patient has and the beginning or source of the pain. In my most recent need for therapy was what may be classified as "chronic pain" caused by degenerative changes in the neck vertebrae. Generally the pain subsides and I may not have pain for a few years, however, when it does act up it may require medical treatment such as epidurals. Even though this quites the pain, the doctor recommended therapy to further relax the muscle around the neck & shoulder area.

I have received such therapy treatments from The Hand Rehabilitation Center of Florida and within a few treatments my neck and shoulder have been free of pain. Their techniques are such that one is quite comfortable and confident in whatever is suggested in eliminating the pain or discomfort will be accomplished.

The treatments provided by the doctor and THRCF provided me with a " pain free" neck and shoulder in a short period of time.

I was able to assume my regular activities at home and was able to play golf without the nagging, chronic pain that persisted for some time.

James Guidas